Five Pounds of Gratitude


Last weekend, I got a blast from the past!  I randomly received an email for 25% off the pictures from my first triathlon in 2012. I looked through the pictures (image on the left amongst them) and immediately noticed how much skinnier I look. My knee-jerk reaction was to wish I looked like that now. Then I thought about the image on the right (from June 2017). The difference between the two is more than just 5 years and probably 5 pounds. The woman on the left struggled with sometimes crippling low self-esteem and said “I can’t” a lot, while the woman on the right had recently finished Ironman Texas, something she thought she was incapable of. The woman on the left didn’t swim 2,500 yards a week, while the woman on the right swims that much in a single workout! The woman on the left was a crappy biker who was too scared to ride aero and had terrible bike handling skills. The woman on the right is still kinda crappy (😂), but a hell of a lot stronger, faster and more confident on the bike. The woman on the left treated triathlon like a solitary sport, while the woman on the right found another purpose in life by supporting and encouraging others along their triathlon journey via HissyFit Racing. There are so many more differences, but the biggest one is happiness. The woman on the right is full of joy, in all aspects of her life: work, home, marriage and friendships. So, while I may wistfully daydream about my 2012 skinny arms, I wouldn’t trade places with that woman for a second!