Lular-OH BOY!

DISCLOSURE: I received a free Monroe Kimono from an independent consultant in exchange for a review.  All thoughts and feelings are my own.

Last December, my friend Maggie introduced me to 

 when she gifted me a pair of leggings. 

She had texted me a few weeks prior that she was obsessed with the company, but I had never heard of it.  Once I put those leggings on, I TOTALLY understood why she was so obsessed.  They were the softest things I’d ever felt!  Soft and fuzzy, like peach skin! 

Soon I was obsessively searching everything Lularoe!  The fever started mild with the leggings, but quickly worsened to include tops (Irma, Classic tee and Randy), dresses (Julia and Nicole), skirts (Azure, Cassie and Maxi) and kid’s styles (leggings and dresses).  A full blown fever broke out over Mommy and Me styles! 

Who wouldn't want to look like my cutie?!


What I love about Lularoe is how comfortable everything is.  But don’t let that description mislead you.  The clothing might be comfy like an old pair of sweatpants, but the styles are anything but sweatpants frumpy!  Everything can be dressed up for work or worn very casually!  I love the versatility! 

Lularoe has a very unique business structure. 

1.    The items are only sold through consultants.  You can NOT purchase from their website (but you can go on there to learn about the different styles and see different ways to wear them).  Almost all of the consultants handle their businesses through private Facebook pages.  

2.    The company only produces a set number of items in a specific print.  Once that number is met, that print is retired.  So, every print is a “limited edition.”

3.    The consultants do not get to choose the print they get.  They place an order for the style, size and quantity, but get surprised when they receive their shipment on what the prints will be.

Dressed up Nicole dress.

Dressed up irma tunic tucked into a skirt (non-lularoe).

randy tee dressed up for casual friday at work!

randy tee dressed up for casual friday at work!

Because of item number 3 above, if there is a certain print you’re on the hunt for, you have to spread your net wide and have several consultants.  I probably have 30+ consultants for my big hunts!  One of my favorite consultants is Jess Hellmold.  I (cyber) met her while she was going through the on-boarding process with Lularoe.  She asked me if I’d be willing to provide a review in exchange for a free Lularoe item.  As I owned pretty much every style already, I offered to do a review without any free clothing, but Jess was ADAMANT to give me something.  So, I acquiesced.  :-)  We decided I should do a review on a style I don’t current own.  This ended up being the Monroe Kimono. 

I have to say that I was NEVER interested in this style before.  It just didn’t seem like something I would wear.  But, one day, while getting an oil change, the woman working the check-in desk was wearing a Monroe-style kimono.  She was wearing jeans and a white tank top with this kimono on top.  That kimono seemed to pull her whole outfit together.  I was just in LOVE!  It turned out her kimono wasn’t from Lularoe, but I was now SUPER interested in getting a Monroe! 

I received my Monroe from Jess and couldn’t believe it when I opened the package!  The print she sent me was one I was interested in and was about to buy myself!  It is a blue bandana type print, which I thought would be PERFECT for when the Rodeo comes to Houston!  I couldn’t believe how much I loved this kimono!  I immediately ironed it get all the wrinkles out and get it ready to wear to work the next day!  I pretty much wore it every day for a week!  It works SO well with my work outfits.  I tend to be very monochromatic, wearing a lot of black and white, so the kimono gives a little POP to my outfit!  As with everything else Lularoe, the Monroe works with a casual outfit, too!  As I’ve gotten older, I found that I want to wear something a little more polished than just a t-shirt and shorts on the weekends.  The Monroe really does help pull even the most casual outfit together.  

The stylish momlife!  

If you haven't gotten to experience Lularoe yet, I encourage you to find a local consultant!  The items are so much more beautiful in person than can be captured in photographs.  If you can't find a local consultant, definitely join Jess's Facebook page!  You will be WELL taken care of!  Just be prepared to go fully insane for the brand!  

Jess Hellmold generously offered to give a 10% discount to anyone that mentions they were directed to her page by me.  I do NOT get any kickbacks from your purchases.  Jess just wants to give you a discount!  See?!  This is why I say she's one of my favorite consultants!