Hello, Stranger!


Yes, I am still alive! And, No, I haven’t been hiding! 2018 just ended up being an insanely busy year and I completely neglected my little space on the web. I’m going to summarize it in a bullet point list and then just move on the the present! :-)

  • I got injured in February and was diagnosed with one herniated disc, one fissured disc, sacroilitis and bursitis in both hips. This made training too painful, so I had to pull out of Ironman Texas.

  • I underwent 5 months of physical therapy to get pain-free and back to tri training.

  • Mike made his return to full-distance racing at Ironman Texas and had a great race!

  • We decided to build a house! We had to move out of our old house and live temporarily in an apartment during construction. The process was painful, requiring an unbelievable amount of attention from me and completion was delayed by several months. We finally moved in on December 1!

Sorry for going MIA for over a year! I will be better about keeping y’all updated in the future!